Surfing Croyde beach & reef break

Croyde is the surf capital of North Devon and as such attracts surfers from all around the world and UK. It can get pretty crowded! The banks here can produce powerful hollow waves, especially at low tide. If you're not an experienced surfer then it may be better to check out another spot.

At the north end of the beach, "Baggy Point" has a right hand reef which works well on a high spring tide.

At the south end of the beach is "Downend", which is probably the most surfed reef and works best from low to mid tide on a neap tide.

The beach is life guarded by the RNLI from May to October.

Other surfing places within easy reach of Croyde and worth a visit on the right day, Lynmouth, Porlock weir, Westward Ho, Buck's Mill and Speke's Mill.

Surfing at Croyde Beach in Devon